Ch. Omega's Aristocrat
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Pedigree below

This dog was truly a pleasure to own. Devin had a great zest for life and spent most of his time playing, including the time he spent in the ring pretending to show. Devin had that true collie temperament, flowing movement, a beautiful headpiece, and melting expression. He had some nice wins but his playful behavior, most often, was his down fall in the ring. Devin could not stop pulling our shoelaces or what ever he could hold, be it my skirt or my hand he just played. He brought a greatdeal of enjoyment to our lives, and while he left us much too soon, he did leave some outstanding offspring.

Devin was the sire of seven champions in just a few litters including;

goldball.jpg - 657 Bytes Ch. Omega's Copyright goldball.jpg - 657 Bytes Ch. Omega's Life-Style goldball.jpg - 657 Bytes Ch. Omega's Lady In Red goldball.jpg - 657 Bytes Ch. Omega In-Style
Kirkhaven Willie of Lewwyons (pointed)

Ch. Omega's Black Jack

Can.Am.Ch. Omega Sabelin Highway Man

Ch. Omega's Fan Fare

Kirkhaven Belle Jeanne

Am.Ch. Twin Oaks Lawman

Kirkhaven Marnus Magic

Ch. Omega's Aristocrat

Omega's Conversation Piece

Am.Ch. Twin Oaks Lawman

Am.Ch. Clouddawn's Grandeur Promise

Am.Ch. Omega Twin Oaks Smash Hit

Am.Can. Ch. Omega Going In Style

Twin Oaks Card Shark

Ch. Omega's Theme Song