A BREEDER PROFILE by Nancy Anstruther

Interview with Len & Shirley Perry (Page 2)

Do you feel that it is hard for a novice to receive guidance and help?

When we started in collies, there were several larger well-established kennels that had been very

Can.Am.Ch. Sandpiper's Solitaire

successful with their breeding programs. This certainly gave a larger pool of knowledge to draw on. I believe that one should first seek help from the breeder of their foundation dog since they will be better equipped to answer questions about their own line. We should all be willing to help new fanciers of our breed. If we all work together, we can all help each other in our endeavor to breed better collies.

What early dogs impressed you and helped shape your mental vision of the Collie?

This is always a hard question to answer since we have had the pleasure of seeing so many great collies. In the early days of showing, the Sandpiper Collies drew our attention with their outstanding movement, showmanship and magnificent coats. In 1980, we attended our first Collie Club of America National Specialty Show and had the good fortune to see many more great dogs and their offspring. Ch.Twin Creek's True Grit, Ch. Hanover I Am A Legend, Kanebriar, Wayside, Executive, Westwend, Myriah, Tartanside, and Ch. Carnwath's Evergreen just to name a few. All of these dogs were exciting to watch and gave us the chance to see the outstanding virtues of each dog and family of dogs. However, on that day Ch. Lee Aires Amazing Grace stole our hearts, watching her in the ring, left a lasting impression on us. She appeared

to have it all: beautiful head, coat and movement combined with the desire to please her owner with nonstop showmanship. She made you stop in your tracks and rethink your breeding program - she had so many of the features we had desired for some time. Her son, Ch.Twin Creek's True Grit had a beautiful headpiece and a melting expression. The Tartanside dogs also had that look that we soon fell in love with. John Buddie's Ch.Tartanside Fairwind Fantasy was also a dog that made you stop and think, as did Am.Can.Ch.Carnwath's Evergreen with his gorgeous arch of neck. Now, how to get all these features in one dog? It may never happen, but makes you eager to try.

Our mental image of the correct collie has been modified over the years. When we started out with our first collie, Ch. New Dawn's Dusty Morn, we were novices without the knowledge and experience to be able to acknowledge the finer details of a collie. After studying the breed standard and receiving endless amounts of advice and guidance from our mentors, we were then able to choose the dogs needed to modify the dogs we started with. Head detail and overall balance become more important now that we had studied the breed standard. Yes, indeed some things are more difficult to attain than others. This is not always easy to do, as you do not always get the perfect puppies, from what you think is the prefect breeding. You may gain one virtue and loose another. It's all a balancing act.

Which breedings that you've done, were the most influential to your breeding program, and how did the resulting progeny affect your line?

Breeding Am.Can.Ch. Sandpiper's Solitaire to Ch. Twin Oaks Joker's Wild produced several champions in two litters including Ch. Omega Going Solo, Ch. Omega's Theme Song, Ch. Omega's Darcana Design, Can.Am.Ch. Omega Sabelin Highway Man, Omega's Love Song, and Omega Class Act. These dogs then went on to produce many outstanding dogs.

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